Bird in Hand?

Before going for an afternoon hunt last week I stopped by ye olde Starbucks for some turbo juice– a little ritual that gets my brain going before the legs, which generally is a good idea.

Walking to the front door I nearly stepped on a healthy looking pigeon.  That plump little sucker was a nice reddish color, not the slate dirty grey most pigeons have.

I like to think of myself as a meat hunter.  I don’t hunt what I can’t eat.  But I’ll admit, the carbon cost of getting to the places where I can find critters I can kill is usually not a net win.

So it struck me.  Why don’t I just give this pigeon a boot.  A faux off-balance step, a swift toe-punch, one that could be mistaken by the people in tight black clothes around me as the clumsy stumblings of a sleep-deprived dad?  Albeit one with a tragic end?

It vexed me enough to stop and take this photo.  While I bust a couple coveys with the Pup, I got no quail on the hunt that day.

I saw the pigeon again today.  Keep it up pigeon.  Your days are numbered.

Dead pigeon walking.

Dead pigeon walking.

2 thoughts on “Bird in Hand?

  1. People pay a lot of money to eat squab. And dove hunting is a big thing in places like Texas. Squab is just pigeon (though probably not city pigeon), and doves and pigeons are a lot alike.


    • I’ve had pigeon before, it was pretty good, almost a red meat. Dove hunting is done here in Cali too, though I’ve not done it yet. I would have no problem eating them if i could find a nearby place to do it legally. Starbucks probably wouldn’t count.


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