Hiking with Silent Metal Sticks

Last weekend we went for a walk in Cache Creek where we carried strange metal tubes, wore bright colors, and had an earnest look upon our faces.  But at no point in the day did those metal sticks make a noise.

Plodding along with pups.

Plodding along with pups.

Neither did the birds.  We saw lots of doves, woodpeckers, juncos, and a bald eagle (happy to report Yankee did correctly identify it as NOT a quail), but not a peep of quail.

photo 1

Teddy chilling with his buddy. They do not judge each other for not finding birds.

On the up side Teddy the pup got to go with his buddy Ronin, who is about a month younger.  They had a blast, although questionable if they were aware of the purpose.

I’ve been working with Teddy on positive association of shotgun blast at home (using an app on my phone, handy little bugger it is), so it may have been just as well we didn’t fire.

In sadder news, Teddy probably won’t be hanging out with his buddy Ronin anymore.  Yankee’s young son has proven highly allergic to Ronin, and they are working with the breeder to find a new home for him.  Family is crushed because he’s great dog, and has already received some field training in South Dakota.

If you know someone in the market for a GREAT viz male pup in Cali, let me know.

What is this plant?

What is this plant?

BTW– anybody know what this plant is?  I flushed a covey from a stand of it a couple weeks ago.  I was pretty surprised because it was thick and stood about 4 feet tall.  I didn’t think quail liked tall, tight veg because it’s hard to see?  In any event the stand was in a somewhat marshy area just above waterline.

One thought on “Hiking with Silent Metal Sticks

  1. Nice post! I don’t know what that plant it, but I do like your metaphor for getting skunked, which I experienced last Sunday. I found a new spot yesterday that allowed my metal stick to ring steadily throughout the day. It’s like that. We’ll see what today brings… Good luck to you and the pup.

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